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רני מזרחי

About Me :-)

I always try to find solutions that are both beautiful and user-centric. I bring a unique blend of creative vision and strategic thinking to every project, ensuring it not only looks stunning but also solves real problems for users and businesses.

By day I work at a great high tech company named MyHeritage. By night, I empower small businesses by building impactful websites as a Wix Legend Partner.

I sharpened my marketing and sales skills at Coca-Cola Israel, taking part in successful campaigns for iconic brands like Aperol, Tabor Winery, and Smirnoff. This invaluable experience became the foundation for my journey in the digital world.

For the past 9 years, I've not only built websites but also played a key role in two early-stage startups: and mevadel websites marketplace. Additionally, I gained deep expertise in digital product characterization at dooble digital solutions.

Each month I'm taking on up to 3 selected projects, ensuring I deliver great results with every client.


Information Architecture
Website Design

Redesign Website
SEO Optimization 

Website Accessibility
Contant Writing

Education & Certifications

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