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Tomer Landau

Project Details

Project type: Ecommerce Website Redesign

Date: 2021


The old website of Tomer Landau faced several challenges that hurt its effectiveness and user experience. The old design was not visually appealing, user-friendly, or adequately reflective of the brand's sophistication. Navigation issues and slow loading time contribued to a high bounce rate and a bad conversion rates. Furthermore, the website was not be optimized for mobile devices, which is crucial in today's digital landscape.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive redesign project was proposed. The focus was be on enhancing the website's aesthetics, improving user experience, and optimizing functionality for increased conversion rates.

User-Centric Design:​

  • Implement a clean and sophisticated design with high-quality visuals to showcase the elegance of the clothing.

Streamlined Navigation:

  • Simplify the site's navigation by categorizing products logically and implementing intuitive menus

Mobile Optimization:

  • Develop a responsive design to ensure seamless user experience across various devices, especially mobile.

  • Optimize images and content for faster loading on mobile devices.

Enhanced Product Pages:

  • Include high-resolution images, detailed product descriptions, and size guides.


The redesigned e-commerce website excels in both aesthetics and SEO.

Redesign Highlights:

Responsive, user-friendly design with a clean layout and high-quality product images.


SEO Success:

Comprehensive keyword optimization with mobile optimization and faster page load speeds.

This combination results in improved the website traffic that lead to higher conversion rates, and enhanced search engine rankings that are still helping Tomer sales every month. 

Old Category Page

tomer landau old category page before the redesign.

Old Product Page

Tomer landau homepage.

Old Home Page

tomerlandau old homepage

New Category Page

Tomerlandau new category page

New Product Page

Tomerlandau new product page.
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